About KIU

Welcome to the world of KIU . KIU is not just a brand name , it’s an attitude . KIU is Keep it Up . We humans have a tendency to share on Social Media/Speak about our achievements , place trophies/certificates at a place visible to others . We love to keep everything which we are proud of Up and visible . However small it may be or may even look imperfect to some , its ok , you can’t satisfy everyone 😉 . The brand KIU was born with the following philosophy/attitude :

  • With due respect , no luxury brand bag can be superior than the one I made for myself
  • I will decide how my bag will look
  • In-fashion means , what I am comfortable with
  • I will not be hesitant rather confident to show my choice
  • I will not spend my hard earned money on buying expensive bags and then going through the painful task of finding a place to store them properly
  • I will proudly show my bag on Social Media without fearing about repeating the same bag in future as I can change the look any number of times
  • Work , Party or Play , my bag will change I want it the way
  • If one part of the bag is defaced , I won’t discard my favorite bag . I can always buy only that part on kiubrands.com which could be the body , inner bag , handle , trim or the charm and change it

Bag’s are most important item for anyone as they safely store our valuables . As a kid our books , lunch box , water bottle and as adults our hard earned money , cards , keys and other personal belongings and that is another reason why we always keep our bags Up .

May your life be as colorful as KIU and don’t forget to keep your KIU Bag always Up 🙂

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